mobile bar hire for wedding and party

Why Choosing the Best Mobile Bar Services Is A Great Idea?

How do you imagine raising a toast at your wedding? How will you set the right mood for dancing at your birthday party? Mobile bar service is your answer. Mobile Bar Services in Cheshire is a portable bar or a catering service that provides drinks and snacks at the birthday, or wedding venue.

To lift up your mood at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and anniversaries organised at special destinations, the mobile bars are the perfect setup. Mobile bars are gradually becoming a part of the wedding industry because they are operated by experienced bartenders who can serve all your requirements related to drinks and snacks. The bar at the events does not have a large setup or equipment; it can fit any event type.

What are the criteria for Mobile Bar hire?

Mobile Bar hire is for Corporate Events, birthday parties, Weddings, Private Parties, anniversaries, bachelorette celebrations and more. To hire the mobile bar you do not need to follow a complicated process. All you need to do is connect with the service provider and hire the all-Inclusive bar. The service provider has all the options up their sleeves allowing you to host the party and sit back with confidence. The drinks will be flowing as the perfect is behind the tables.

Ideally, for events of any kind birthday party bar hire or wedding bar hire there will be 4 hours of service. Or you need to speak with the bartenders about your party hours. Full stock of cocktails, and mocktails are available in the bar with access to premium spirits, whisky, wine, beers and quality juices.

For the Non-alcoholics there are juices and cocktails/mocktails. Confirm the bespoke packages mentioning the details of your guests and the preferences of alcohol. You can also mention the brand names to suit your event. Mobile Bar Services in Cheshire can customise your all-inclusive mobile bar hire to meet your requirements and budget. The mobile bars can also be branded with your personal message or greetings for special couples.

Let us have a look at the reasons to choose the Mobile Bar hiring services, for your special events.

Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Bar Services

1) Bars are in High Demand

In Cheshire, the guests love drinking at events. Be it due to the extreme weather conditions or to liven up the mood, drinking is really common in the UK. Most importantly having a bar at special events is tasteful. Customised cocktails are one of the basic catering elements and they must be taken care of by the host.

2) Variety of Flavours

With the mobile bar, you can serve your guests’ various drinking options. Whether they are drinking alcohol, or they prefer a cocktail, they can give a variety of flavours and tastes. Experienced bartenders can even make your own signature cocktail. Mobile bar services can add a personal touch to your special day. Flavours can make you groove to your favourite lyrics, and create the best party vibe. 

3) Mobile Bars are Affordable

Experienced bartenders can take care of the drinking requirements and offer exceptional service for an affordable price. As party hosts, you do not have to worry about your guests getting sufficient drinks as they will keep flowing throughout the event.

With a constant source of drinks from various brands, you’ll easily please your guests. At the same time, the bartenders have licensed professionals, and have the correct idea of serving the correct quantity of drinks. They will know exactly when some of your invitees have to stop drinking.

4) Stand Out from the Crowd

The portable bar option can make your event look exceptional and elevate the mood. There is good potential to break with its visual aspect. A growing number of mobile options are available including cocktail bars, wine bars and Champagne or Prosecco bars. Since the bars look aesthetically pleasing and colourful, the invitees can spend quality time, in appreciation of your event.

5) More Time to Spend with your Guests

The essence of organising an event be it a marriage, birthday party, or corporate event to goal is to spend good times with your guests. But you cannot achieve this and have to serve the drinks and clean up, it is an absolute disaster. Wedding bar hire can look after the drink requirements of your guest and you as the host can relax.


Mobile Bar Hire can manage the intricate events for you. With us, you will have more time to spend with your loved ones and friends. We have served various events and appreciated our presence. Feel free to get in touch with us to know our mobile bar packages. We assure you will be able to spend quality time with your guests and be actively engaged in the event.